Asia Civil Indonesia’s vision, values, processes and systems are 100% focused on delivering projects within budget and on programme without compromising safety, quality or harming the environment.

Our people are drawn largely from contracting backgrounds who understand and appreciate how capital projects are successfully delivered. Through our people, we have the ability to deploy robust project delivery teams with the passion, commitment and drive, coupled with the right balanced of expertise, experience and knowledge.

We empower our people with appropriate systems, processes and tools to ensure capital projects are delivered successfully.

We prefer to adopt collaborative delivery structures such as integrated project delivery, joint ventures, consortiums or alliancing, which align the interests of key participants to the Customers requirements, builds trust, encourages proactive involvement, sharing of knowledge and experience to generate superior levels of productivity and efficiency and ultimately improve the outcome of projects.

We have experience delivering projects through a range of contracting models including:

            • Construct Only.
            • Design & Construct.
            • Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC).
            • Target Cost or Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).
            • Integrated delivery structures.


            We are adaptable in the delivery services we offer. We can provide short-term support on a flexible basis, through to deploying complete delivery teams to manage the overall project. We are geographically mobile and familiar with the complexities of project execution across different environments and involving different communities.

            We can take control of distressed projects or provide additional support through key phases, offering our customer’s contingency should they require additional resources to meet their objectives.

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