PT. Asia Civil Indonesia is dedicated to supporting our customers with transparent planning, technical and commercial support to enable them to improve their decision-making capability, take control of their capital projects and give them confidence from day one. No one solution fits all situations - how to approach a project depends upon a multitude of factors, including project scope, geography, communities, market conditions and financing requirements.

We help set our customers projects up for success, provide ongoing oversight during design and construction or provide periodic project status reviews. We integrate and actively engage with our customers and stakeholders, in a collaborative environment, at the earliest phase in the life of a capital project to create comprehensive development plans and robust delivery solutions, tailored to each customer, that are effective to mitigate project risks and provide superior outcomes. In cost-driven projects, we meet and stive to exceed your requirements with fees for service. In schedule-driven projects, we can provide the time and genuine collaboration often missing from our competitors. Risk management is a key focus in our advisory work, leveraging on our people’s significant knowledge and lessons learnt from delivering projects locally and large-scale capital projects. We provide our customers with clear and accurate information on the risks and opportunities they face, offering comprehensive and robust strategies and plans to mitigate or realise them effectively. Our broad expertise, creative thinking with innovative technologies, risk and value focused approach enables us to advise and support our customers:

  • with the necessary information to confidently make key decisions on capital projects, across a range of sectors and at any stage in the life cycle of a development
  • to implement strategies to minimise costs without sacrificing value, quality, safety or sustainability
  • with robust financial solutions throughout the project lifecycle
  • with project leadership from definition of needs through to completion
  • assessing organisational readiness
  • advice on the most appropriate contracting option for your capital project
  •  on commercial structuring and risk transfer
  •  to develop a framework for project procurement and delivery
  • with planning and implementation of robust procurement and supply chain strategies to realize greater value from their development
  • to develop the construction contract strategy
  • on contract negotiation support or advice
  • with seamless transfer of the output from our advisory services into project delivery, enabling effective implementation of our recommendations and agreed strategies and plans
  • with project delivery acting as an Customer 's Representative or Superintendent
  • in performing independent project performance reviews
  • providing functional project auditing at key stages of your project
  • to complete detailed reviews on distressed projects and developing recovery and completion strategies and detailed action/implementation plansto source investment or delivery partners from our broad and global network
  • with assessing and developing project controls
  • in developing meaningful project reporting arrangements