PT. Asia Civil Indonesia establishes sister trading company - PT. Legacy Nusantara Trading

Dibuat tanggal : 2019-05-08

PT. Asia Civil Indonesia has established a sister trading company, PT Legacy Nusantara Trading (LNT), providing a local trading platform to tackle common problems constraining trade into/out of Indonesia to neighbouring markets and further abroad:

               Connectivity is largely indirect – not cost efficient for End-Consumers (EC)

               Producers don’t get their fair share

               Insecurity / Lack of trust prohibits trading

               Getting goods exposed and efficiently into global markets

               Fit-out Products and Materials

LNT’s goal is to establish a community that enables the easy connection of End-Consumers (EC) to Primary Producers (PP) to trade a vast range of commodities, produce and goods in a safe, secure, convenient, multilingual environment using multi-currencies.


LNT’s objectives :

       Provide a platform that efficiently connects End-Consumers (EC’s) to Primary Producers (PP’s)

       Build a robust community base of PP’s & EC’s

       Commercialise goods globally

       Conduct or initiate cost competitive transactions

       Secure trading

       Provide a ‘Hand-Up’ for small PP’s

       Exposure of new goods and idea’s

       To make a difference in communities

       To pave the future

       Repeat transactions


LNT is aware of the increasing number of Government to Government Free Trade Agreements in place as well as ASEAN Economic Community to facilitate trade growth in the region and have designed our trading platform to capture the benefits of these agreements.


LNT shall initially focus on trading:

       Agricultural Products

       Fresh Produce

       Building Materials

       Fit-out Products and Materials



and will continue to secure new product and service opportunities and welcomes any approach or initiatives from Indonesian and foreign buyers or producers.    

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