Iron Mountain Indonesia

Dibuat tanggal : 2020-09-12

    Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM), a global business dedicated to storing, protecting and managing, information and assets awarded PT. Asia Civil Indonesia the 550,000 cuft Phase 2 expansion of its existing 25m high Document Storage Warehouse facility at Gunung Putri, Bogor, Indonesia using a “Build to Suit” delivery approach and a Lump Sum Design and Build form of contract.

    A ‘Rack-Clad’ solution will be used to provide cost efficient storage, where the racking not only supports the load of the stored goods, but also the load of the building envelope, as well as external forces such as wind and seismic loading. The roof and wall cladding are fixed directly onto the rack structure. Stored goods will be protected by a FM Global Standard Fire Protection System, Security system and CCTV surveillance system.

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