PT. Asia Civil Indonesia forms partnership with BubbleDeck International A/S

Dibuat tanggal : 2019-05-09

PT. Asia Civil Indonesia has formed a partnership with BubbleDeck International A/S to use BubbleDeck voided bi-axial floor system as the core technology to provide alternative green building solutions that will help Indonesia overcome challenges with urbanisation, affordable housing, pollution, sustainability and construction productivity and quality.


Our business plan is focused on the innovative integration and application of new green technologies and products, rigorous planning, virtual construction and a manufacturing-like system approach to provide alternative affordable building solutions, in a collaborative environment, that overcome many of the complications in local / traditional construction to provide superior project outcomes, in terms of safety, cost, quality, buildability, schedule and sustainability for all stakeholders over the life of the asset and a better quality of working and living for occupants and owners.


The key benefits of using BubbleDeck’s voided bi-axial floor system include:

  1. Faster completion - quick and easy to implement.
  2. Better total economy – lower GDV and higher NPV for development
  3. Lower construction risk
  4. Superior Architectural Design
  5. Greater flexibility
    1. design freedom 
    2. no beams and column heads 
    3. longer spans and cantilevers – up to 50% further than traditional structures.
  6. Increased Relative Strength
  7. Better quality – controlled manufacturing environment
  8. Environmental, social and economic benefits
    1. up to a level of 50 % more compared with traditional alternatives
    2. all ‘plastic balls’ are manufactured from Indonesia’s plastic waste
    3. every 1kg of recycled plastic balls saves 60kg to 100kg of concrete
  9. Improved sustainability – over an asset’s life cycle
  10. Lightweight building envelopes 
    1. up to 35 % reduction in dead weight of floor system
    2. up to 50 % reduction in dead weight of total building construction 
    3. smaller foundation sizes
    4. Earthquake proof - Lower seismic mass
  11. Local content - 100%


A key outcome from the partnership will be the establishment of a local design centre for BubbleDeck floor system technology that will harness the latest technology from BubbeDeck International and leading applications of the technology from Australia and other regions currently using the technology. The design centre will service Indonesia initially and at a latter date can service the BubbleDeck family in the ASEAN region.


PT. BubbleDeck Solutions Indonesia has a ten (10) Ha manufacturing facility in Bekasi and has commenced its launch phase plans linked to an initial pipeline of potential projects. 


Four (4) procurement models have been designed to provide our Clients with flexibility to procure BubbleDeck floor system solutions to meet their individual requirements: 

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